A Quick Minute

I'm not here for long, just a quick post. The WW meeting went really well yesterday, I loved it in fact! So much good information and it was great to get my books. woo hoo! I made a quick stop to the grocery store for some good food. I feel confident in my choices! Yay Jaded Girl!

I'm cleaning the house! So much to do there. I can not wait for SPRING! I guess this is my spring cleaning! Woo hoo Jaded! I enjoy talking to myself obviously! haha.

I love this world of blogging. I love that I can find so much inspiration amongst all these amazing people. I feel so blessed! When I first decided to embark on this ridiculous journey (reminder, it's only ridiculous because it has taken me so long to choose this path), I thought that I would feel alone in my challenges and obstacles. I thought I would have to secretly diet. Know what I mean? It seems as soon as you pronounce "I'm on a diet" all chaos breaks out. Literally. Significant other wants to go out, suddenly a million birthday parties, work goes into Potluck Tuesday mode...the list can go on and on. It's scary telling people. It is scary to admit that I'm dieting. It seems too that once you say those words you have a million watchful eyes! You're not so sure about the reactions you'll get, or if you want people to react at all. Come on, in all honesty.... I'VE SEEN THE PICTURES OF MYSELF! I KNOW that I need to be on this path of getting fit and healthy! I know this, I really really do. There are still things that can get in the way. Insecurities mainly. What happens when I am at the healthy me? Sometimes ::secret secret:: I worry that maybe I'll go to far. Maybe I'll be on a momentum of shedding this baggage and I'll decide to shed more and more. Kinda scary thinking that. Really scary actually. I know too, that I'm comfortable in my skin, I don't like attention and already I get enough of it. I know that a slimmer, healthy me will create more attention...both good and bad. I know I know, health is more important, and it is the very track that I am on. I'm just venting here. Letting loose a really big fear. :::sigh::: I know I'll just have to deal with that when I get to that bridge. I need to keep thinking Health Health Health.

I did ask a friend to keep me accountable, to tell me if I take it too far. I know that those of you that read will do the same for me as well. Have I told you how thankful I am for you? Really truly thankful! It is a great feeling knowing that people really care about the journey I am on, not just care and hope for a healthy me, but care enough to offer support and much needed advice. So THANK YOU!!

Life is Good!


  1. Isn't it awesome?? I really am shocked at how helpful the blogging has been for me. I tell my friends its almost like having a daily support group rather than a weekly one like weight watchers. I love weight watchers by the way, but right now, I think I need the daily support.

    I also know what you mean about taking things to the other extreme. I don't *think* I could ever go back to my bulimic days, but part of me worries a bit about that. I guess thats important though. That we are conscious that there is that potential there. I'm sure your friend will make sure you don't get crazy with the weight loss ;)

  2. Im so glad you seem to be doing well! I love blogging and reading everyone else's experiences, it fills me with hope and motivation. :)

  3. I totally agree. I have found a safe place 2 deal with this stressful journey.
    Thanks for being you. I like reading your blog.