Reality check

Someone please shoot the pony I rode in on, because it certainly can not be me that is making it stagger along at a snails death crawl. OK, here it is... I'm not sure my exact weight...but I know I am obese! I mean ObESe!

I am 5'9 weighing 235lbs (purely a guess) size 4 jeans (don't you just love how the phat stores re sized their jeans!) I mean COME ON people! I'm in a freaken 4!! Do I need to lose weight? All my life I just wanted to be in a freaken 7, but low and behold....size 4!! WOO HOO!!!! ok, reality check. Those "size 4's" are an equivalent to a men's Levi, size 40, maybe 42. I haven't tried on any men's jeans lately, I'm quite happy with my ladies size 4. Thank YOU very much!

Ok let's get REAL. I am starting this ridiculous journey...and I only say it is ridiculous because it is a journey that I should have taken 20 years ago. That is really where it starts...pre-pubescent. I'm ready though. I'm geared up. I know what I need to do, I know how I need to do it. I'm ready damnit! What I need......besides a tub of caramel...ha....is a few people to hold me accountable. Blog world consists of a few million right? surely there are a few bored people....some cheerleaders for the lovely Jaded right? I beg you!! Really, down on my knees BEG you.....Hold me Accountable!!! I am going to post pictures very soon. Please, no comments on the photos, good or bad. I'm going to post measurements soon too....refrain from your comments there as well. I'm very vulnerable at the moment!

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  1. I have refused to buy real clothes since I was a 12 two years ago. They resized our shit? Really?

    I'm like a 3x now and wouldn't wear jeans for good money so it doesn't really matter...