Oh mannnnn

I'm having issues! I keep pulling up my profile page to look at the photos of the virtual model. It has been frustrating me.. ALOT! The thing is... the model at 225 is looking GOOD! If I looked like that then I wouldnt worry about weight loss. I like the smooth curve of the hip. Geesh. Even the virtual picture is unrealistic. I need an artist. Someone who would like me to pose for them, have them sketch me quick and simple. Or heck...take hours...make me look GOOD!!

Ugghh. I am going to have to post pictures here of the real Jaded body. I'm not thrilled about that. But, I do know it needs to be done. I'm serious about this weight loss. I want to be the damn butterfly damnit!! I'm tired of crawling around, I'm tired of being the warm fuzzy caterpillar. I want to fly damnit! I want to feel light and carefree.

I'm going to find the leather strap and bite down hard on it. Grin and bare it. Well not literally bare it, no nudes here. But pictures will arrive shortly.


  1. I love this! That avatar is hot!

    Thanks for joining my challenge! We will get you to be a butterfly :)

  2. Ha! I think my virtual model looks way better than me too. WAY.

    I'll stop commenting now. Promise I'm not a stalker.