After that last one...

After posting that last blog about Molly, I felt the need to post this, sharing my thoughts...

I love stories that inspire me, stories that give me hope. How the heck can I complain on the eiliptical machine when there are worse things? I mean, I am so blessed to have BOTH my legs! I am so blessed that I have a strong beating heart. It pushes me, ya know? Just knowing that it could be so much harder, so much more challenging. Life is HARD. It is so beautiful and amazing though. I'm not just trying to find a slimmer me, I want the HEALTHY me!

I've been eating pretty good. Salads, chicken, vegies.. things that I love anyhow...but I am enjoying knowing that I'm doing something GOOD for my body. My indulgences have been cola and a cupcake. Not so good for me. I've been climbing onto the eliptical beast...I need to come up with a name for it. I'm thinking Charlie. Maybe I'll call the ab lounger Lola. Charlie and Lola. Yeah that works for me. Lola is nicer than Charlie.. he's kicking my ass daily.

I worked outside in the barn for a few hours today. Moved wood and garbage, organized all the shelves and counters. It feels so good to get things done. I mean it feels really good!

I've been doing things for ME lately. I started a new face treatment, I know..kinda lame..but it makes me feel better about myself. The ritual of washing my face day and night, it is theraputic for me. A few months ago I bought this lash gel.. you put it on every night and it grows your lashes longer and thicker. I've been using it for a week now and I'm going to use it until it is gone. A friend of mine used it and her lashes are so beautiful, she took before and after and it is amazing! blah blah blah.. I know this is probably boring.. but I just have to keep going. I think it is so important to take care of ourselves. I should have bought stock in lotion. Seriously. I'm adicted to the stuff. I've been using bottles of the stuff, I love soft skin. I painted my toe nails the other night...I know! It wasn't easy to do, kind of awkward really.

I really think it is about time for me to become the selfish girl. Take care of myself, treat myself good, find the things I deserve, give my body and health the things they deserve. I want a long life, a healthy happy life.

For so long I have focused on others, let their thoughts get in the way of who I am. Little things and big things. I let one persons opinion of me get in the way of who I really am. My views about myself have changed so much. They have been so distorted! I am on the right path finally, working back to the real Jade.

I'm taking part in a challenge... 30 lbs by June. I am so excited to reach June and see the changes I've achieved.

So here is to a healthy me.. here's to my goal of health and happiness...kudos to you Jaded! :-)


  1. Oh wow! Good for you! Here's to a healthy Jade!
    Thanks so much for you comments on my blog- I'm feel'n the love from you. Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Isn't it fun to pamper yourself? I find the more weight I lose the more I really enjoy treating myself. I can't wait to schedule a pedicure. I figure all the money I'm NOT spending on fast food needs to go somewhere right?