It's me again. so far a good weekend. I've SLEPT. I realize when I sleep I can not be EATING. haha. I think I'm coming down with the flu, or maybe it's just plain old depression. I'm not a happy girl right now. I'm still feeling extremely frustrated. I keep thinking about that phrase though, that so many people are using now in the their blogs " I AM THE ONLY ONE HOLDING MYSELF BACK." just me, I get all the credit. Which means I get all the credit when I succeed. So far I am doing good on my path to healthiness. yay Jaded. I put on a smaller pair of jeans just because I could. They are still from the phat store. ughh. but cute anyhow. I have this jean fetish. no joke. I went thru my jeans the other day and I counted 43 pairs. That was AFTER I made a pile of some I could part with. Really, no joke! Sigh.. I don't mind my addictions, really I don't. I am just glad that I am slowly overcoming my addiction to chocolate and thee soda pop, my addiction has really slimmed back there. hee hee I make myself laugh.

It is raining outside, so I have no interest to go out. Charlie and Lola said hello to me this morning, charlie is still kicking my ass but I think I'm doing a good job with Lola. I really don't understand how people can do hours on their work out equipment. I can hardly take 5 minutes on Charlie. I've found myself going back several times a day to greet him. My goal is to get past 5 minutes, so far no luck though. damn him.

Off I go...I think I should take another nap. :-)


  1. Wake up! You cant eat while you nap but youre not burning off anything either, dammit! If its sickness, yes, do rest. If its depression, exercise will knock it right out of you! Weight training will help you to burn calories alllllll day!

    Sorry to nag :)~

  2. Listen to May!


    I love me some jeans too. BUTT (har) they are really uncomfortable when I am heavy. Once I get under 175, that's all I ever want to wear. 43 pairs is so not too many. I'll buy the same pair in 3 or 4 different washes.