So... I did the much dreaded measuring and weighing this morning. Uggh. Good news though, I weighed in at 225 lbs, I really thought I was at 235...so kudos to the Jaded girl. yay!
Bad news... My goal is to get my body slimmed down to 145 lbs.... that would mean I have 80 pounds to lose. Well... really that is not so bad. 10 pounds a month would have me at my goal in 8 months. Wait...that would mean WINTER....oh boy! Turkey, potatoes, gravy, all those pies..... ughh... how the heck am I going to ACHIEVE this!!
Those winter months are BAD news! I should really consider joining a gym with a pool. That's a pretty good idea actually. I love the winter months because they allow me to stay inside and read, write, watch movies. I seem to pack on the pounds during those months because I don't DO anything. Joining a gym that has a pool would keep me active. I do love swimming but really really hate the idea of wearing a swim suit. My ... ughh... current measurements makes that a very uncomfortable idea.
A friend of mine suggested that I buy a brand new outfit, in the size that I want to be in... I've been thinking about that a lot. It is a great idea to have it hanging around. I'm thinking that I should hang it right in my kitchen. Now THAT would be motivation! Keep your ass outta the kitchen Jaded Girl!! I make myself laugh.
I think I'll go window shopping...see what I can find.

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