Beautiful Jade

It's a beautiful day! I'm about to go outside and mow my lawn. What a great exercise too! I love how I feel when I mow, how I can have complete control of the lines I make. I can go crazy or leave them nice and straight. I'm the kinda girl that has a ton of practice conversations before I have the real ones...mowing the lawn gives me the perfect opportunity for such conversations.

I feel like I have two extreme feelings waring on inside me. Dark and Light.. what a complicated mess that is me.

Amongst it all though, Life is GOOD.

I worked out on the Wii fit for 45 min, logging in 30 min of real workout time. It was good, I sweated, short of breath, achy muscles.... my legs were even shaping at one point. I've lost 4 pounds in the last week and took my Wii age from 34 years old to 29 years old!!! (I don't know how) My real age is 32. I love the personal trainer.. I feel like someone is motivating me. I talk back too, which makes me laugh out loud at the moment.

Ok... off I go. Happy Sunday everyone, I hope your day is going smooth!


  1. What a nice post. What exercises do u like to do? I find the the yoga to be challenging, but really fun. Congrats on the weight loss. I know it must feel great to be moving in the right direction.

  2. Hey I left you something on my blog. Check it out