Yes Man

I've been good.... trucking right along. I set a goal and I feel so good about that. I've been walking every day and keeping my eye on the things I've been eating. Yes man, there are a few things that are not so good... but they were GOOOOD. Ya know what I mean?! I love walking. Or Walking and Talking. Both are so good. I appreciate my friend so much for coming over every morning and motivating me to get outside. Seriously I think I would curl up in a ball and avoid it all if she let me. I've been trying to get my other girlfriend to go walking in the evenings... selfish reason there though... I want to talk to her too! There is something so good and so different about walking conversations! I mean it... find a walking partner! It's like they refuel your soul.

Big plans for the weekend..... I'm staying home!! Yes Man!! I'm going to go thru my storage and PURGE! Seriously purge. If I died today no one would know what to do with all that shit... even the stuff that means a lot to me (grandma's, great aunts, my mom's stuff). So I am going to go thru it all... deem what should be kept and what should be sold, destroyed etc. I am hoping for a good yard sale... earn some cash for a trip. I have a secret weapon too... I'm going to sale donuts at the garage sale.... I knowwww... BADDDD right? But come on, everyone LOVES donuts... eat a donut and you're happy... nothing beats that happy feeling right before you buy buy buy. :) I am mean, I know. It's a mood I'm in. I'm thinking Krispy Kreme... maybe get those fundraiser donuts... The Jaded fund to somewhere HOT in February. :-) hahah... I'm so not kidding either. I'm mean. now I'll be cursed with no visitors for the yard sale and I'll be stuck with all those donuts and you'll all be laughing at ME. (big grin on my face)

Life is good!

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